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One of our partners, X33FCON is organizing an exciting four days IT security conference from 24th to 28th April in Gdynia, Poland. The idea behind X33FCON is to focus on a very specific need of the security industry: collaboration between those who assess security and those who guard the castle. This is a first-time event in Poland (and probably in the world) that gathers defenders (Blue Teams) and “attackers” (Red Teams), facilitates the dialogue and helps build a solid bridge between the two groups. That collaboration is the key to success for every mature organization.

The conference is a great opportunity to meet guests from the US and all over the world that don’t visit Europe very often (for most of them it will be their first visit to Poland). They are frequent speakers at a number of well-known security conferences, including DefCON, BlackHat, ShmooCon to name just a few. They have a considerable amount of experience working for numerous large organizations, e.g. GE, IBM, Mandiant, Akamai, Intel, Deloitte and others. They work in large-scale environments that are under constant attack.

You’ll find topics related to attacks and defense. For example, Nikhil Mittal will walk you through PowerShell tips and tricks, boosting your stealthiness on the network, Rushikesh D. Nandedkar will demonstrate ways to hide Command and Control traffic, rendering detection nearly impossible, and Yashin Mehaboobe will provide details on USB Armory, including ways to create an invisible password sniffer and smart keystroke injector.  On the defensive side of things, Jack Crook will highlight ways to reduce the volume of data needed for effective analysis and identification of malicious actors, David J. Bianco will demonstrate how he detects outliers, and Daniel Bohannon will tell us about PowerShell obFUsk8tion & Detection (@(‘Tech’,’niques’) -Join ‘’).  You’ll hear some ”stories from the trenches” from people on both sides of the battle. Check out the agenda for other exciting talks!

The talks aren’t all! X33FCON offers very interesting, high quality trainings as well. Almost none of the training courses have been offered in Poland before. Seats are limited and registration for trainings is closed on Monday, April 10th!

The training courses are focused on adversarial tactics of real threat actors from several areas: mobile, web, exploitation frameworks (metasploit), malicious usage of built-in Windows Powershell and more advanced techniques involving Windows kernel exploitation. The Ghost in Networks (network forensics) class is directed to cyber security incident responders. We also have very interesting training for social engineers, the POWER Class, based on (now retired) counterintelligence and counterterrorism FBI agent Joe Navarro. He’s a body language expert who developed a method to read people’s hidden intentions on the basis of non-verbal signals: a skill very useful for social engineers, negotiators, law enforcement officers, and executives.

Based on the cooperation between X33FCON and BSidesBUD we will draw 1 free ticket from our subscribers. If you want to win a free ticket for the event, you only need to follow BSidesBUD on Facebook & Twitter and sign up for our mailing list. To prove your participation, please fill in this form. (By filling in the form you accept that you’ll be added to our mailing list).

The sweepstake of the free ticket will take place on 12th, April!

X33FCON have also prepared a special 20% discount code for the BSidesBUD community – use the bsidesbud17.aisaeK3n code while registering for the event. You need to register no later than April 20th.


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