Speakers of BSidesBUD 2017

Dear Visitors!

We are pshyched to announce the speakers who accepted our invitation to take part in BSidesBUD2017! Below you can find the list of speakers and the topic of their presentation:


  • M4xk & Six – Legend of Windows – A Link to the Hash
  • Tobias Schrödel (GER) – Hacking toys, lamps and other stuff
  • Tamás Hetesi – Security issues about backup
  • Zoltán Balázs – The real risks of the IoT security-nightmare – Hacking IP cameras through the cloud
  • Paul Coggin (USA) – Hallowed be thy packets
  • Sebastian Garcia (ARG) – My Behavior is my Passport. Adventures detecting malware deviations from normal traffic
  • Pedram (AUS) – Deception Defence 101 – a cost effective way to setup a Deceptive Defence environment

Light Talks

  • Csaba Fitzl – IOC sharing – we are doing it wrong
  • Tamás Boczán – Cheating – The malware for video games


  • Dávid Szili – Getting the most out of Windows Events Logs with built-in and free tools
  • Varun Nair (IND) – Memory forensics

This is a preliminary list of speakers, who already confirmed their participation, but we expect a few more presenters to come, so stay tuned!

The official hashtag of the conference is #BSidesBUD2017, please help us spreading the word on BSidesBUD 2017 by retweeting and sharing! Thank you!

BSidesBUD Crew

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