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Reasons To Show Your Support

As a proud Sponsor, you are offering to bring critical resources that to help fuel the evolution of the industry from a fundamental level. Being involved in a conference as intimate and specifically focused as this has enormous benefits. We recognize your desire to not only support a great event but also to see return on your investment. The following is a list of direct benefits you may see as an event sponsor.

Brand recognition and awareness

Depending on the level of sponsorship, you may recognize your brand placement at some or all of the following: t-shirts, signage/lanyards, lunch sessions, or attendee badges. Based on your level of participation, creative and custom branding may be arranged including transportation, banners, and podcast interviews.

Stay in touch with the industry

BSidesBUD enables its supporters and participants to identify and connect with industry leaders and voices. These participants represent the social networking of security. They are the people who you want to engage to solicit feedback and bring voice to your conversation.

Stay abreast on the next big thing

Nobody knows what the “next big thing” will be, but these events are community driven with presentations voted upon by the industry. There is no magic to how it works, but we believe that listening to the underground can help prepare you and help identify what the next big thing might be.

Benefits / Value of Sponsorship

Every organization has different goals and priorities for their interactions, which is why we offer several different levels of sponsorship for any individual, group, or organization. Fiscal responsibility demands mileage from your marketing budget. What will your contribution get you in return? Sponsoring a specific activity, for example lunch, will yield recognition at the opening and closing remarks as well as targeted signage at the food table(s) thanking you for your patronage. This puts your name and logo in front of our 300+ participants at multiple times throughout the day.

Alternately, you may seek a more interactive sponsorship by selecting an option that gives you a booth. One-on-one face time with decision makers/influencers, technical administrators, and/or the next internal champion who recommends your product or services within their own organizations. Additionally you may be speaking with available candidates and/or students who are soon to be changing their role in the industry and bring their experience to your organization.

Download the BSidesBUD 2017 sponsorship kit:

  Click here for the PDF