M4xk & Sıx

Topic of presentation: Legend of Windows – A Link to the Hash (Regular Talk)

The Legend of Windows: A Link to the Hash

During one of our IT security investigation we have observed an undocumented Windows feature which leaks much valued hashes from the system. No complicated exploitation is needed to play the trick we will present and it can drastically speed up owning all the users in the systems and reaching to domain administration privileges.

Short biographies:

m4xk is working in the field of IT Security for several years and always curious about how IT systems work underneath. He grew a passion for reverse engineering software and hardware. He is deeply interested in breaking and exploiting computers after learning how they work. m4xk holds several international certifications such as OSCP.

sıx is passionate about bad software and exploiting it’s flaws. He is working as an IT Security Specialist for years now and previously as an administrator for Windows, Linux and Unix systems in order to learn how they work in practice. sıx holds several international certifications such as OSCP.