Important information about the conference tomorrow!

Dear Visitors!

There is only one day left until #BSidesBUD2017 and we would like to provide some important information for you regarding the conference.

Please arrive on time! The conference starts at 08:30, but you’ll have to register on the spot in order to get your armband and welcome package, so we recommend you to show up around 08:00. It’s more comfortable if you can take your seat relaxed and don’t have to rush, isn’t it? Another reason is that the number of welcome packages (that includes a free BSidesBUD T-shirt) is limited. So, if you want to have a fancy conference T-shirt, don’t be late! 😉

Location of #BSidesBUD2017
Lurdy Konferencia- és Rendezvényközpont – 1st floor of Lurdy Ház
Könyves Kálmán blvd. 12-14.
1097 Budapest, Hungary
COODS: (47.470003, 19.084291)

You can travel to the conference by taxi or tram #1 (take off at Mester utca/Könyves Kálmán körút station).

If you come to the conference by car, you can use the outdoor parking lot behind Lurdy Ház. Normally you have to pay for parking, but if you tell us at the registration desk that you came by car, we’ll provide you a “leaving ticket” that lets you out of the parking lot for free. 😉

Registration at the venue
Please don’t forget to print out your tickets you received at registration OR bring the QR-code of the ticket on your mobile phone, so we can check you in.

Coffee break
There will be a 30 mins. coffee break in the program from 10:35 to 11:35. During this period you can have coffee and some non-alcoholic drinks for free at the catering room. Please note that the amount of beverages is limited.

Lunch break
As #BSidesBUD2017 is a free conference, unfortunately we don’t have budget to provide you lunch. During the 1 hour long lunch break you can have some food at Lurdy’s restaurants next to the Conference Center.

If you’ve registered for a workshop it would be great if you could bring an extension wire/hub. There will be some at the workshop room, but we would appreciate if you could help us by bringing your own. Please don’t forget to check the system requirements of each workshop you’ve signed up for! If you are taking part of the Developing cuckoo modules workshop, please click here and download the virtual machines for the session before the conference. (It takes around 50 GB disk space)

Photo/video contest
Make as many photos and record as many videos of #BSidesBUD2017 as you can! After the conference there will be a photo/video contest where we will give a prize for the best contestants!

Don’t forget that you’ll be able to gain CPE credits by ISACA for attending the conference and if you would like to try your hacking skills, sign up for the Capture The Flag game developed by Avatao!

At the exhibition area of #BSidesBUD2017 you can also meet Team Rescube, which is the first and only hungarian RoboCup Rescue League contender, that finished at the 9th place in Rescue League, and also won the RoboCup Design Award and Best Outdoor CarryBot Award at the RoboCup WorldCup 2017 in Leipzig. The team members are engineers and engineering students who joined their efforts to solve the challenges a Search & Rescue robot has to cope with. They will bring their latest robot, that has depth, rgb & thermal vision, CO2 sensor, LIDAR, DGPS and a 6 DoF arm, all custom made to handle the terrain and the dexterity tasks at the competition.

We hope that you’ll have a good time and #BSidesBUD2017 will be a great experience for you!

See you all tomorrow!

BSidesBUD Crew

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